Distance a Wind Turbine Throws Ice

May 5, 2012

Distance a Wind Turbine Throws Ice.

During wet freezing conditions wind turbines have been known to build up ice on their blades and eject the ice off their blades, this has been coined ice throw.  These calculations and results also applies to any other debris that may be ejected from a turbine blade including the debris itself.

The distance a wind turbine can throw any one piece of ice depends on the height of the turbine, the rotational speed of the blade and the angle at which the ice is thrown.

With these variable changing it is impossible to calculate exactly how far any piece of thrown ice will travel until its been thrown. But we can take the most extreme cases and apply them to  see how far it is plausible for a wind turbine to throw ice.

So how far can a wind turbine throw ice?

It is plausible for a 2.5MW wind turbine to throw ice over 2000ft.

To see how this is calculated continue reading.


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Calculate the Speed of a Wind Turbine

April 25, 2012

There are two important speeds of a wind turbine, first is the rotational speed, second is the blade tip speed.

  1. rotational speed: denoted by the symbol  \omega called omega, measured in units of radians per second ( rad/s) and can be converted to a more familiar term rotations per minute (RPM)
  2. blade tip speed, is calculated by \omega * r where \omega is in rad/s and r is in units of distance (ie feet or meters).


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Wind Farm Debate

April 24, 2012

Nestled in the eastern pocket of Oregon lays the town of Union, here it seems the deer may out number the people but on passing through this small community it is unmistakeable the WIND blows ferociously. This has made the surrounding hillsides prime real-estate for the wind energy industry and sparked a wind farm debate.

As news spread through the region about the impending arrival of the wind farm, neighbors split on the issue of allowing the wind farm into their community.  At one point the signs for or against the wind turbines stood prominently  throughout the town.   In response they held what was reported by NPR to be the first public vote on the placement of wind turbines. The results of measure 31-75 (which read ““Do the citizens of Union County support the Antelope Ridge Wind Farm application currently before the Oregon Department of Energy?”) stood at a split 52% voted against while 48% voted for the wind turbines.


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History of Wind Energy

September 2, 2011

The First Use of Wind Energy

There is no record of the first incidence of humans using the power of wind.  The first time a person harnessed the energy of the wind was probably as a sail on a boat. Although this event was a momentous achievement in human technology all records of it are lost.


ancient-sail-boatReed boats were used by common seafarers in ancient Mesopotamia, Egypt and The Amazon, possible as early as 6000 BC, nobody knows when a sail was first attached.


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